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Hepworth Holzer, LLP,Boise, Idaho


Idaho’s 5-star rated car accident, medical malpractice, semi-truck collision and personal injury attorneys.  An unequaled, client-centered, history of winning life-changing results awaits you at Hepworth Holzer.

John T. (“Johnnie”) Edwards
John W. Kluksdal

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Carmen G. Avatar
Carmen G.
I sure appreciated the hard work, dedication, and kindness I was shown by John Edwards and Holly Anacleto. You need a professional when you are injured in an accident, and that is exactly what I received. Professionalism.
I really appreciated the straight forward approach by John Edwards, as well as the advocacy. Both John and Holly made me feel valued.
I highly recommend John Edwards to act on your behalf
Nathan N. Avatar
Nathan N.

In September of 2016, I was in an accident where I was T-boned by an out-of-control car and suffered a significant concussion. Since then, I have been dealing with a whole slew of issues stemming from that accident that have, and still are, affecting not just my life, but also those of my family. My boss recommended that I get in touch with Kurt Holzer, and that turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve received since the accident.

Working with John, Kurt, and Katy has been an interesting experience. From the first meeting with John all the way to the conclusion of the case, they have always been understanding of the stresses on my family and myself. They have always been clear with exactly what they needed from me and willing to work with my complicated schedules. Any time I had questions about anything they had clear answers. While their job was trying to get the best financial outcome possible for me and my family, it was clear that they cared just as much about healing and recovery for myself and for my family. They encouraged me to keep getting treatment and helped connect me with resources for that.

In the end, after getting a significant settlement, my wife and I were left with an odd mix of feelings. On the one hand, we were both glad that the legal saga was over and that we could focus on further recovery without that hanging over us, but on the other hand we were kind of sad that it was over and that we no longer had the same opportunity to interact with the great team that had been representing us. I can wholeheartedly recommend John, Kurt, and Katy to anyone needing good representation

Wink D. Avatar
Wink D.
I had a great experience with this firm. My situation was explained to me clearly and the issues were laid out for me to understand. The staff and lawyers were all personable and cared about the outcome of my case and cared about our family as well. If you need an injury lawyer, you wont do better than this team

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